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Rules for use of sekhmet, the LUG shell server:

  1. Your initial password will be set to expire immediately on first login, use a decent password for this account.
  2. Follow all MTU Computer (and Network) Use Policies -- if it is against the school rules, do not do it.
  3. Do not piss off the server admin -- admins are our friends.
  4. Be courteous with use -- high-resource use is OK, but moderate it so others get a share.
  5. Keep only volatile data on sekhmet -- no backups are made, and data may be lost at any time.
  6. Keep your home directory tidy -- a 36GB drive is dedicated to /home, and quotas will be instated if needed.
  7. Compiling stuff for your own use is OK, but it is better if we can get it from a repo -- if you want software installed, ask an admin.
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