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Rules for use of sekhmet, the LUG shell server:

  1. Do not, under any circumstances, for any reason whatsoever, ever share your account with anyone else no matter who they may be. If they need access to sekhmet, refer them to an admin for an account. Accounts for non-members may be considered, and accounts for non-students will be rare.
  2. Your initial password will be set to expire immediately on first login, use a decent password for this account.
  3. Follow all MTU Computer (and Network) Use Policies -- if it is against the school rules, do not do it.
  4. Do not piss off the server admin -- admins are our friends.
  5. Be courteous with use -- high-resource use is OK, but moderate it so others get a share.
  6. Keep only volatile data on sekhmet -- no backups are made, and data may be lost at any time.
  7. Keep your home directory tidy -- a 36GB drive is dedicated to /home, and quotas will be instated if needed.
  8. Use /scratch for large, volatile data.
  9. Compiling stuff for your own use is OK, but it is better if we can get it from a repo -- if you want software installed, ask an admin.
  10. If using IRSSI or other IRC client on sekhmet, please be courteous and make use of /away statuses rather than nick changes to indicate short periods of inactivity. In this instance, short is any period shorter than a week.
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