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Valarauca, also known as Cody Laeder, is a member of the Michigan Tech's Linux User Group. He is a first year majoring in CS and Mathematics (both general).


The Name

Valarauca is the englishized version of the Quenya name Valaraukar.

Its History

Valaraukar translates literally into Demon God. Demons in Tolkien's fiction were of the maiar, the same order as Gandelf or Sauron, they humbled them selves to Melkor (latter Morgoth), and became the Balrogs. Most of the Balrogs were destoyed in the War of Lamps that took place some three ages (some 12 thousand years) before the Silmarillion, they Balrogs were cast into the cast into the former fortress and they lay there for the three ages until Melkor/Morgoth's return to Arda. Valarukar's name was changed by the elvish (who kept the history) following the first battle in the war of jewels. In this battle Valaraukar/Gothmog battle with Feanor at the Gates of Angbad under the first rising of the newly created moon (which presided the sun). Gothmog mortally wounded Feanor and stayed the Quendi advance on Angbad.

Its pronunciation

Valaraukar is far from being pronouced. Quenya is not a spoken langauge as it's subtle complexities make it so. Valarauca can be pronounced, and is done as such; Val - ah - R - ah - u (as the German butch) - k - ah, if I am correct as an improper noun the stress would be placed in the second vowel of the second syllable, make the standard Quenya u, into a uh. As you can see the pronunciation of Quenya words is very difficult, and therefore is almost never taught / learned.


As I stated I am a Math and Computer Science major at Michigan Tech. I graduated in the year 2009. Beside LUG I am also a proud member of the Michigan Tech pep band.

Contacting Me

I can be contacted by email at if I feel that our conversation needs a faster means of communication I will provide you with the non-physical means to do so (phone number, skype name, ect.)

Linux and Me

I primarily use Ubuntu, for its easy use, which I enjoy to my general laziness.


  • Project Forge
  • CS Homework
  • Stuff for Robotics

Project Forge

Project Forge is the code name for a yet to be named MMORTS (Massive Multi-player On-line Real Time Strategy) game. I am currently working on the basic libraries of the game engine. Most of the game core existed on my home computers hard drive but it had to be inputted line by line into IDLE. The currently versions 0.0a will be coded into java, then latter translated into C++ if necessary (which It will become once connectivity, and 3d graphics are needed).

CS Homework

I work on my CS homework much like integrating sensors into robots; with a method, but doing it as fast as possible, this normally tend to keep me up all saturday night working out the final version and dropping tons of 'features' (things I do to challenge my self), to make sure I get the A.

Stuff for Robotics

As one of the two programming mentors for team 2604, both of who understand the advance framework of LabView, seeing as our only student programmer as the of the present is really bad the programming period I can foresee me working on alot programming

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