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MTU LUG meeting Minutes November 29th, 2007

	Dark's connection off campus (irc.fxaffinity.com)
		round robin to 3 different ones
	connection to NMU
	other MI universities?
	gonna at least investigate
	invite other LUGs to our server

n-cast DNS?
	instead of round robin

Free stuff in WECN
	Monitors and craptastic video cards

Desert Bus
	drive a bus through the desert (real time)
	raise money for child's play (penny arcade charity)

Hex Bug
	little bug computer thingies, contact agmeyer for info

	Lug getting rack in CEC? no news

Kyle has new toy
	Nikon D300 (shiny)

	something broke... (oops)
	no CS grad students could log in
	script went berserk
		got to root directory and started doing bad stuff

Why Bit Torrent sucks for QOS
	spams pipe
	SSH then sucks

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