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MTU LUG Minutes October 2nd, 2008

Server Status
	It has not been blown up
	MOTD has been updated, contains new rule (about Unicode)
	Website has been updated
	It's okay if we put the GZ box in the rack
		suggests that we don't turn it on until we locate the braker
		we only have 15A (we think)
	UPS connection issues?
		We don't know why
		it's loosing data connection to the computer

	It's next weekend
	We can has projector?
		Not yet

	and other Conventions
	who knows for sure?  No one...

	anon recommendation to Steve
		Look into setting up a LUG distributed rendering farm on campus
		competition on university level for movie things
	if there was already a movie maybe more interested
	Advertise that we could provide a server farm if someone comes to us with a movie

	Send out to List?
		Adviser doesn't know we have a wiki

	No one can ever seem to be added or logon to it
	Byan not sure if he has an account
	wiki e-mails "come" from Kyle's gmail addy

	Student Organizations in Computer Science
	meta-organization for CS people
	Extra credit for people coming to Installathon
	We need a 2nd rep
		Send our VP, it's the first wednesday of every month at 5pm
		He doesn't know if he's free at the time.
		Byan said he could be the backup guy

BonzAI Brawl (a programming competition)
	No one knows that's happening
	they want to involve more student Orgs
	what would we want to do?
	The fun things are taken all they need is money and man power

IRC logging?
	we haven't been logging for a while
	#mtu and #linux should be logged
	Update of statistics on webpage (hasn't in a long while)
		agmlego needs to figure out how that was being done
	Find logs for missing time period
		RagingMind, Dark-Fx, NUXI... we've got most of it covered
	#linux publicly available for viewing
	#mtu not viewable but stats generated for fun

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