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LUG Meeting Minutes January 29th, 2009

We are now ignoring the man behind the curtain

Mandatory budget meeting after the meeting at 8pm

	Building statue starts next week
	Everyone sign up for hours to build
	design or plans for statue?
		in theory...
	Steve will find out if Gabby Meyers has sent plowing e-mail for site
		he'll send one if need be.

Installathon in 3 weeks
	Flyiers and schedules of events
	table tents
	update old stuff

Server status
	Power? We still don't know what we have
	there is a breaker we could move to, but it's not 120
	our rack is plugged in with an extension cord... OSHA does not like this
	Kraus would have this fixed by now but he wants campus to pay for it
	Kuk needs more memory and new IDE cables
		it's on a new egg wishlist
	Devree is thinking of donating a poweredge server...
		maybe a shell server?
	move to IPv6 internally?

Shell server
	we need to set limits
	what would people do with it?
	at *least* the campus computer use policy
	allow? SETI at home? windows 7?
	computational stuff?
	dist cc?
	home pages?
		forwarded from front end

	who has access?
		just officers for now...
	Lego needs to add new people

	Okay so far... nothing added recently
	500G left of our 4TB

	Spares? Steve has many

Kuk at installathon
	Use as spare space or local mirror?
	just ubuntu and everything else can come in over the network

	USB flash drive
	Debian, Ubuntu
	windows repair disk
	Disto for old slow hardware
	Yellow Dog

	Installathon dual boot
	weird stuff? mail us in advance
	PS3? :) Wii?

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