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0. Student Involvment
  We're signed up.
  Dan should dress up in a penguin suit. (He really should!)
  Giving away CDs.
1. Officers Reports
  Sekhmet spun up her fans again and was rebooted.
  Caused by a fan being detected as missing.
  Unity is being dumb... again.
  Andrew will be stepping down as server admin at the end of the semester.
2. Installathon
  Need people to sign up for presentations.
3. Treasurer
  Need to reelect treasurer.
  We're doing nominations next week.
  Election following week.
  Josh Knight has been nominated.
4. Wiki
  Lots of spam.
  Matt turned on email confirmation, spam is lower now.
5. Open Floor
  Snow statue? No. We should help affiliated orgs.
Andrew Meyer
Nick Trierweiler
Peter Marheine
Jacob Wiltse
Josh Knight
Becca Gast
Matt Gardeski
Doug Freed
Dan Williams
Alicia Gervais
Jay Vana
Kaleb Elwert
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