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0. Officer Reports
  There was a remote exploit bug in tzdata.
  Going to upgrade to squeeze soon.
1. Ubuntu
  1 month away from next ubuntu release.
  Every release a few ips from china take up tons of bandwidth and ports.
2. T-Shirts
  Agreed on ASCII tux.
  CircleR Printing?
  Colors: Green and Glow-in-the-dark
  Nick Trierweiler will order them.
3. Freenode
  No, we shouldn't run a freenode node.
4. Money
  We want to spend all of our money by the end of the year.
  We could advertise ourselves at Penguicon.
  Advertise for USLUG irc network.
5. Open Floor
  Sekhmet might be given away.
Andrew Meyer
Alicia P. Gervais
Matt Gardeski
Doug Freed
Peter Marheine
Dan Williams
Nick Trierweiler
Josh Knight
Jessica Banda
Jacob Wiltse
Katie May
John Pastore
Beth Russart
Ross Stuart
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