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0. Officer Reports
  Ubuntu 11.04 will be released next week.
1. Penguicon
  Penguicon is the weekend after finals week.
  Registration is closed.
  Good luck to all of those who have not bought a ticket.
2. T-Shirts
  Matt covered T-Shirt costs, LUG owes him $100.
3. Minecraft Server
  We do not currently have the hardware to run it.
    Pay public hosting compnay ~$35 per month
    Pay Dark-FX for a nicer VM ~$200 one time
    Buy new hardware for new dedicated server. $700-$1500
    If on our hardware, the server would be inaccessable during Ubuntu releases.
4. Usage Map
  If you go to http://lug.mtu.edu/map you get all users in the past 24 hours graphed by location (grouped by city).
  Plans to put out statistics page in the works.
5. Elections
  Josh Knight is President
  Nick Trierweiler is Treasurer
  Jacob Wiltse is VP
  Kaleb Elwert is Secretary
  Jay Vana is PR
6. Installathon
  Next semester's installathon has been narrowed down to 4 week.
7. Open Floor
  LUG server is planned to be able to be moved into Rekhi.
  Cayce Wills is taking over the CEC.

Andrew Meyer
Matt Gardeski
Jacob Wiltse
Dan Williams
Peter Marheine
Nick Trierweiler
Doug Freed
Jay Vana
Kaleb Elwert
Josh Knight
John Pastore
Beth Russart
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