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	Wiki - too many accounts
		wasn't protected after reinstall
		invintory and delete accounts?
		outdated articles
		delegate "official" articles
		old settings file has other stuff we need, Kyle will check
	Forum - Nuked
		Data still backed up. to be archived
	Mailing list
		Brian doesn't want to have to keep adding people
		Doesn't care about deleting people
		closed list - why? block spam
		Kyle: it's actually an open list
		Blog aggragator - not working
		Never updated lists of people
		no one knows how it's installed (or where configs are)
		Keep maintaining?  current members/alum
			Kyle will update.
	RSO database of current members
		out of date
		update from attendance
	cacti - network graph
		working? probably not

	Set discussion topics?  and *people* to do it
	e-mail warning (increased attendence)
	Wiki page for discussions so people know what it's about
	Flyers for extra nifty stuff
	Move to new place? room normally half empty
	Attendence - secure site archived, not wiki
	Meeting Minutes available to everyone
		Wiki, but locked so not editable

	Official officer meetings
		regularly scheduled?  na... rather only when needed

Offsite backups?
	Todd didn't want to hand out archive space
	Kyle can bug p-hopp for space

	currently Debian, Gentoo, Ubuntu
	more?  currently 2.1TB of space total
	Old ubuntu still hanging around
	Old Fedora hanging around
	Clean out old stuff
	Ubuntu - back to last long term and all in between
		Maintain upgrade path
	Debian Security - only ~30GB so sure
	Debian and Ubuntu CD? kinda messed up right now ? maybe

User Specific:
	NIS?  probably way over blown, but # of boxes is growing
		maybe migrate later, other stuff more important
	Home quota's?
	central home dirs?

	GZ donated rackmount case (no rails)
	Chong - a couple mobos, picked up by Dark at wedding
	Old hardware in servers:
		donated to members if they donate a little $ to LUG
		(like $10 and grab what you want from the pile)
	Need rails for GZ's case
		Maybe get adapters for something?
		get more from telcom? Kyle talk to steve clark
	Bigger UPS?
		currently on 15A circut. maybe get us a 20A circut?
		2nd UPS and 2nd circurt?
		6U $1100 2800W 30-45 mins
		Telcom is ditching old rack mount UPSs - steve clark (kyle will mention)
	Dark Server
		donated by Dark
		if group is disolved Dark would like server back
		(avoid what happened to MUG)
	List of machines?
		Official manual
		constitutional ammendment to add documentation to server's offical job description
	Lable equipment when bought/donated (and who donated)

	GZ would donate $200 for a UPS
	Still have base money
	Another $150 once t-shirts sold
	USG - official budget and alcolation
		send out thank you cards, include what it was used for
		Beg for Money?

Increase membership
	Spring Fling
	Winter Canival?  Probably too late
	End of semester/year thing in Rheki (posters)
	Get a big poster? vinal from print shop?  (huge $)
	screen printed fabric banner (would be machine washable)

	More events?
		Lan party, stuff besides FPS
		List of other games (RTS?)
	Inviting companies to talk?
		Epic... leave for normal meeting
	Installathon  - need to plan better
		New design for tents and stuff (and remember to get approved sooner)
		Anyone in SLS?  we need more power in MUB
	Flyers for Bigger talks (Fisher 13[89] or Dow 6th floor)

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