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Steven Whitaker

Steven passed around the constitution for people to sign so we can be a real org, yay! We got 13 signatures which is pretty darn impressive for a non-real club right now.

David gave a talk on cron jobs:

We talked about the idea of a Linux magazine and people seem to be on board with it. Try to get it out by Spring Fling so we can say that we do cool stuff.

Restart shell with an ubuntu or arch server so we can get updated packages. RHEL won't update and that's annoying. How do we get a minecwaft server if the packages are out of date? I (steven) would prefer gentoo so we can have a managed nginx install with custom modules.

Brought up the existence of Trillian. No idea what to do with it.

Steven dislikes the idea of shoving kubernetes on our servers because then we are just exactly like NCSA.

The main question: what do we want to do? What niche can we fill?