Installathon Presentations Spring 2011

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[edit] Installathon Time Slots

TimeName Title Brief Description
12:00 Andrew Meyer Microcontroller Development on LinuxSetting up toolchains and development environments to do dev work for AVR and ARM MCUs.
12:30 Jacob Wiltse and Nick TrierweilerArch Linux Comparing and contrasting Arch Linux with other distros, and going over my experiences with it.
13:00 Josh Knight Intro to Blender Getting started with 3D modeling/animation in Blender
14:00 Kaleb Elwert and Jay VanaGeneric RPG developmentTrials and tribulations of a semi-non-professional 2D RPG development team. Also, a little about our work and experience with C, SDL, OpenGL, Glut, image loading, project management and Lua.
14:30 John Pastore Installing MIDPssh Stupid Shenanigans with a semi-modern Phone.
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